Documentation & Tools

Miuchiz Reborn required some additional software to recover game data and to implement features.

My AW/Miuchiz tools:

FixRas is an open source tool for converting the proprietary .RAS format for ActiveWorlds cache data to the type that Andras' ras2bmp is able to convert to bmp. This was necessary for recovering textures from the Miuchiz game cache files that no longer exist on the internet. It has been replaced by aw4ras2bmp

aw4ras2bmp is an open source tool for converting AW 4.X RAS files to bmp. Essentially a clone of Andras' ras2bmp except for command line and works with the type of RAS file Miuchiz used.

Miuchiz Custom Launcher is an open source custom launcher for Miuchiz. It allows the user to enable cheats before starting the game. It does this by creating a custom copy of aworld.exe. These are the current cheats and how they are implemented:

"Object selection" replaces all the values between 0x000D66ED and 0x000D66F2 with 0x90 (NOPs).

"Noclip" replaces the value at 0x000FEDF0 with 0xEB.

"Flight" replaces the value at 0x000FF3BF with 0xEB and replaces the value at 0x000FF426 with 0xEB.

Elevdat2Elevdump is an open source tool for converting elev.dat, the ActiveWorlds terrain cache data, to elevdump which can be cleaned and then used on servers. Xaoc Elevdump Editor needs to be used for trimming the north and west sides of the resulting elevdump files. This was necessary for recovering terrain for Miuchiz Reborn.

Cell2Propdump is an open source tool for converting cell.dat and cell.idx files, in which the ActiveWorlds client caches object data, to propdumps which a server can use. This was used to duplicate some Miuchiz worlds' objects.

AW Object Password Decoder is an open source tool for extracting object passwords, which are used to encrypt models, from ActiveWorlds or its cache data. This was needed to use some Miuchiz models. A list of Miuchiz passwords are here.

Miuchiz Handheld USB Utilities is the foundation and a set of tools for interacting with the Miuchiz handheld devices over USB. It can be used to make and restore backups of Miuchiz devices for the purpose of fixing a device or installing a new character.

Other tools:

PkCrack is an open source tool for cracking legacy PKZIP encryption on zip archives. Its attack method is known-plaintext, which requires that you have 1) a zip archive encrypted with legacy PKZIP encryption, 2) an unencrypted version of one of the files in the encrypted archive, and 3) the same archiver as the encrypted archive was made with. In Miuchiz's case, most of the models appear to have been archived using the same methods as TUGZip.

TUGZip is a zip archiver that, in this case, can be used with PkCrack to crack the encryption on the model files used in Planet Mion.

AccuTrans 3D is a model viewer and exporter that can be used to produce ActiveWorlds models and avatars in .rwx and .cob formats.

Xaoc Elevdump Converter is a terrain editor that can be used with Elevdat2Elevdump to convert terrain cache data for use on servers.